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For almost 40 years we have pioneered in engaging with thousands of people within our communities using the arts as the catalyst to help strengthen individuals and communities.

Community Focus Theatre at the Arts Depot

About us

CF is an inclusive arts centre based in the borough of Barnet in North London. Founded in 1978 by photographer Maria Bartha. We have cherry -picked our superb team who think on their feet and excel at designing bespoke projects and courses for our clients because, after all, we all have different needs!


Our Vision:  We believe that everyone is an artist.


Our Purpose:  We empower communities through art.


Our Mission:      To encourage older people, those with physical, sensory, mental or social challenges and others to participate in creative activities in pursuit of education, recreation and personal development cultivating creativity, equality and strength.


CF actively seeks ways to extend its reach into the community, working with an unlimited variety of different groups and organisations including: our local authority, local resident networks, schools, special schools and higher education institutions, right through to theatre companies and national charities.



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