"Over the years I have seen my son blossom and become a talented, funny, energetic young man who loves learning in a group environment"


Inclusivity at Community Focus



For the last four decades we at CF have pioneered the reality of inclusivity. Our experience has shown us that a course that consists of clients with mixed abilities becomes an enriching experience for all who are involved.


For example one of our students found a special body harness at a local boot sale, he told us that it was for a fellow class member who had a restricting physical disability and the harness would enable him to take photographs with his own camera.


We had over £100,000 invested to ensure that our art centre was accessible to all. We have wheelchair access, hearing loops, computers for those who have visual impairments and more.


Many of our clients have physical disabilities, some learning disabilities, others mental health issues, some of our clients have dementia – whilst others prefer not to say. Many of our clients choose to come to us through their own artistic interests whilst others are referred to us by their carers, families or guardians.


Person centered plans are increasing and we are here to help promote: choice, health and independence, working with our network of partners and also our local authority to provide a nurturing and progressive environment for hard to reach groups.