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Community Focus announces New Youth Programme for 16-25 year olds in Barnet


Community Focus is delighted to announce that its new youth programme, ARTiculate Futures, is now open “for business” and taking registrations from young people who want to get involved in this exciting new programme!! ARTiculate Futures is an empowering 3-year programme using creativity to enhance and celebrate the positive mental health and emotional well-being of 16 – 25 year olds in Barnet.


ARTiculate Futures is a self-referral project which gives groups of young people the opportunity to learn new skills through a variety of projects. These art projects will happen across the borough of Barnet, e.g. in youth clubs, community centres and libraries.


The young people will be able to attend their own ‘Celebration’/ ‘Graduation’ Event so they can display or perform their new art work. Following the successfully completion of these art-group projects, the young people will be offered additional opportunities in accreditation  and a volunteering/ mentoring programme.

If you are interested in participating in an ARTiculate Futures project, please download and complete the registration form: Registration form and send it by emailing Articulate@communityfocus.co.uk or by post to the address below: -

Community Focus, Friary House, Friary Park, Friary Road, London, N20 0NR.

If you need help completing the Registration Form, please contact Lili or Alev who can arrange a time to meet you to support you with this. 

Alternatively professionals, e.g. GP’s, teachers, CAMHS workers, CPN’s, social workers and youth workers, can refer a young person into ARTiculate Futures. Please contact Lili or Alev for the separate Referral Form.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about ARTiculate Futures

What is ARTiculate Futures all about?

To give young people the opportunity to get involved in creative arts projects. There are going to be wide selection of creative art projectsover the next 3 years.

What do you mean by ‘creative arts project’?

A creative arts project will last 8 sessions. Each session will last 2-3 hours so it can work round other people’s commitments, e.g. college or work.

What do you mean by ‘creative arts’?

It really can be any kind of art form. Examples of the kinds of creative arts include creating music, photography, dance, filming, painting, ceramics and drumming. The ARTiculate Futures Project Manager will speak to you about the kind of creative art that you would like to do.

Who is it for?

Young people aged 16-25 who live in Barnet and have mental health and emotional well-being issues.

Does ‘having mental health and emotional well-being issues’ mean I need to have a letter from a GP to attend?

NO, young people themselves can register to sign up on this project - it is a self-referral project. You don’t need a doctor’s note. That individual young person feeling they want support in relation to their mental health and emotional well-being is sufficient.

When will it happen?

Most ARTiculate Futures projects will be one session a week for 8 weeks, usually in the late afternoon/ early evening. Though some ARTiculate Futures projects will be happening over the half-term or on weekends.

Where will it happen?

It will happen in different youth centres, libraries, leisure centres and community centres across Barnet. For specific details about each of the  creative arts projects, contact the ARTiculate Futures Project Manager. Hopefully you won’t have to travel as far to attend an ARTiculate Futures project.

How much will it cost?

It is free to join

How many young people will be in each of the creative arts project?

Approx. 12 young people. There will also be approx. 3-4 staff and volunteers.

What happens after I complete an ARTiculate Futures project?

You will be invited to attend a Celebration Event to display or perform the work that you created. You will be able to invite friends and family along as well.

You will also be offered other opportunities within ARTiculate Futures which include accreditation, volunteering, social enterprise and the ability to get involved in an ARTiculate Futures Youth Forum. This will depend on what you want to do.

What will I get from completing an ARTiculate Futures project?

Hopefully lots of things – some of the things you will definitely get will be trying something new, making new friends, learning new art skills and having fun.

How do I sign up/ register?

Contact the ARTiculate Futures Project Managers, Lili Barcroft or Alev Yilmaz on 07948111748 or email Articulate@communityfocus.co.uk  who can send you a registration form. 


If you have any more questions, please contact the ARTiculate  Futures Project Managers, Lili Barcroft and Alev Yilmaz on 07948 111 748 or email Articulate@communityfocus.co.uk who will be happy to hear from you.






Community Focus is delighted to announce the contribution and support of our funders and key partners in the ARTiculate Futures programme. They include City Bridge Trust, Eclipse Barnet, Barnet and Southgate College and the Mrs.Smith and Mount Trust.
















There is increasing evidence to support the belief that participation in the arts can dramatically improve health outcomes and also increase wellbeing.


The arts can also contribute to the prevention of illnesses and diseases by engaging in artistic opportunities.


Recent research has shown that the arts can have positive effects on physiological and mental functions.


We work in partnership with our local authority to deliver heavily subsidised, affordable courses to our clients. Our clients report to us an increased sense of wellbeing, confidence and belonging as a direct result of participating in our workshops.


Many of our clients come to our art centre to participate in our creative projects, but we often extend our reach by delivering workshops in: care homes, day centres, residential homes and hospitals.


We also exhibit artist’s work in hospitals and offer volunteering opportunities to participants to promote well being, independence and individual achievements.