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Future Past Present 



The Heritage Lottery Fund is funding CF's Youth Panel of 8 young people who are involved in the planning the creative content, delivery and evaluation of reminiscence projects in Barnet.


Young people will be invited to work alongside professionals with a specialism in oral history. With the support of specialist film/visual media artists young people from local schools, supplementary schools and cultural groups in Barnet will record the oral histories of older members of the community.


A booklet and DVD will be devised which will be shown at a local bookstore in the Finchley area and in the Phoenix and Cf galleries. A heritage publication will be created by the young people for the wider community.


The celebratory events later in the project will provide opportunities for awarding the young people's commitment and hard work.


If you are aged 13-25 years and interested in this project please contact Rhiannon ~ admin@communityfocus.co.uk